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A Middle Path Through American Grief, Fear, and Political Division

In his new book “Communion,” Wellness Thought Leader Jeff Krasno offers community, purpose, and activism to a struggling nation

Everyone needs a sense of purpose. More than a year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic has left Americans feeling adrift, frightened, and filled with grief. In his newest book, “Communion: 2020 and the Middle Path Back to Reason, Morality, and Each Other” (April 2021), wellness thought leader Jeff Krasno clears a path through fear and grief, helping people find compassion in place of political division and realize their personal purpose.

In “Communion” (April 2021), Krasno presents a compelling compendium of essays on life during the pandemic and the charged 2020 election. Originally shared in a weekly newsletter with his one million subscribers, the collection offers tools to overcome America’s political divide and find purpose in the face of anxiety and grief caused by COVID-19.

Hand-picked by Oprah Winfrey as one of her Super Soul 100 changemakers, Jeff helms Commune Media — offering an assemblage of in-depth wellness courses, podcasts, and other media featuring the field’s foremost experts, including Deepak Chopra, Russell Brand, and Sharon Salzberg. “Our goal is to democratize well-being,” says Jeff.

As creator of the global Wanderlust festivals, host of the popular Commune podcast (120,000 monthly downloads), and the author of three books, Jeff presents his audience with knowledge and guideposts to becoming their best selves. Classes, podcasts, and books offer a roadmap to creating a better society through compassion, community-building, and hands-on activism.

An expert in mindfulness and a sociopolitical commentator with a degree in political science and American history from Columbia University, Krasno digs to find common ground when people divide along political lines, and offers a path to connection.

“In an era of sensationalism and hyper-politicization, I attempt to step out of the political invective, cultivate awareness of biases, and find a middle way,” says Jeff.

Drawing on his former career running a record label and a youth spent traveling the globe with his parents, Jeff incepted and created Wanderlust — a series of more than 60 large-scale global events combining innovative yogic instruction and live music that saw thousands of attendees. Featured in media including The New York Times, the events spawned Jeff’s debut book, “Wanderlust” (Rodale), which sold 35,000 copies worldwide.

Some of the topics from “Communion” Jeff can discuss include:

* Communion: Stepping behind the political invective to find common ground.
* Good Grief: How to find compassion and meaning in death and grief.
* The Middle Way: How to address polarization.

As host of the Commune podcast, Jeff engages in in-depth conversations on health, humanity, and finding purpose with the world’s foremost wellness experts including Yung Pueblo, Michael Beckwith, Adriene Mishler, and Dr. Mark Hyman.

Created by Jeff, the Commune educational platform is an online learning center granting access to exclusive courses with leading well-being teachers. Commune’s four course pillars are Growth, Practice, Health, and Impact, with offerings including:

* The Nature of Reality with Deepak Chopra
* Unwinding Prejudice with Evelyn Carter
* Compassion Resilience with Sharon Salzberg

Through his books, podcast, and educational platform Jeff offers tools for individual and societal transformation that are accessible by all.

Transforming Fear Into Growth
Jeff’s strong and effective social philosophies led him to be hand-picked by Oprah Winfrey as one of her Super Soul 100 — innovators and visionaries working to move humanity forward. His expertise in mindfulness and yoga informs the tools he offers audiences to realize true transformation and growth. In the wake of fear and grief from the pandemic, Krasno helps people face difficult feelings and find a new sense of purpose.

Bushwhacking a Middle Path for a Divided Society
Jeff offers audiences nuanced and compelling sociopolitical and cultural commentary that examines commonalities between disparate groups in place of stoking the fires that divide society. With expertise spanning topics from social media to “cancel culture,” he encourages us to acknowledge our differences while striving to find common ground.

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PRESS RELEASE 5/22/21 Communion: 2020 and the Middle Path Back to Reason, Morality, and Each Other

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