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Overcoming Fear During a Frightening Time

More than a year of the pandemic and a politically divided nation has left many full of fear, grief, and anxiety. As more and more people are vaccinated, and CDC guidelines loosen, Americans begin to look towards a better future, but don’t know how to get there. In his book “Communion,” Jeff Krasno offers a path through these challenging feelings to a place of community and purpose.

Finding the Middle Path in a Politically Polarized Landscape

The 2020 presidential election left a deeply divided nation in its wake. Society is polarized, families are broken apart, and communities are fragmented. Jeff has tangible tools for recovering and building community, whether it is between neighbors, Facebook friends, or political adversaries.

Becoming Our Best Selves by Taking Action

Compassion begins inside of us, but is expressed in our actions towards others. While kindness and respect are crucial to building a better society, if we are to truly grow, we need to take action to help others. Jeff’s Commune platform, including its in-depth educational courses and podcasts, show us what actions we can take today to help others, build community, and achieve a better society.

Finding Compassion and Meaning in Death and Grief

Whether we lost a loved one, were let go from a job, or are mourning the life we once knew, Americans are in grief right now. Many of us try to fight this difficult state of being, but grief isn’t something to be erased. Step by step, Jeff shows us the path through grief and explains that there is real, wonderful, beneficial growth on the other side of one of the most difficult emotional states of being we face as human beings.

Exploring the Nature of Love Through the Lens of a 33-year Relationship

Witnessing our parents’ dysfunctional relationships didn’t prevent many of us from developing unrealistic fantasies about love relationships. Jeff has been in a healthy, happy relationship with his wife Schuyler for more than three decades. Together they work, live, raise children, and grow together peacefully and mindfully. Jeff can help others to do the same.

Using Mindfulness to Mitigate the Negative Impacts of Social Media Algorithms

Social media algorithms infect our society by propagating misinformation and stoking hatred. How many times will arguments arise online that never would have come to the fore in person? Jeff offers tips for managing social media usage to avoid the negative impacts of social media use, including how to engage in peaceful discourse when we disagree, how to adjust media intake to fend off misinformation, being mindful of radicalizations of one’s own behaviors and ideologies, and putting your cell phone in a basket during dinner.

Do We Really Want to Go Back to “Normal” After COVID-19?

Being in quarantine has forced us to slow down, reassess our priorities, and live with greater intention. Though the pandemic has been a great tragedy, it has also forced Americans to look deep inside themselves, defining what truly makes their lives worthwhile. Jeff discusses how we can move into the future without losing what we have gained during this reexamination of our lives.

Approaching Heated Political Debates With Compassion

Our political opinions are fueled by strong emotions. And strong emotions may lead to judgement, and hateful words. But what happens when we acknowledge our feelings without inflicting them on someone else? Jeff advocates for developing compassion for those we disagree with, and recognizing our strong feelings, without taking them out on someone else.

Finding Our Way From Isolation to Community

Many of us have been living in isolation for much of the past year and a half. If not completely on our own, we may have only had contact with immediate family, or a small pod. As restrictions lift and CDC guidelines loosen, we have the opportunity to connect again. Though many have embraced their alone time, Jeff promotes the benefits of community. How do we go about connecting after so much time by ourselves?

Jeff’s Personal Journey From Music Industry Professional to Community Leader

When most people think about the rough-and-tumble music industry, the words compassion, mindfulness, and empathy certainly don’t come to mind. But it was as co-owner of a record label that Jeff Krasno felt drawn to the world of wellness. Today he helms Commune Media, encompassing an innovative educational platform, podcasts, and other educational tools, and featuring the world’s leading wellness teachers. He shares what inspired him to make the transition and how he did it so successfully.
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